Solutions for GDPR and Data Governance


On May 2018, the European Union's GDPR becomes effective, enhancing the protection of European Citizen's personal data. This regulation could significantly impact organizations and how they manage data pertaining to customers, consumers, partners, and staff.

Using Informatica's Data Governance & Compliance solution, Integrationworx will engage your business, IT and data security teams in governing data of all types across your entire enterprise. This solution is delivered as part of the Informatica Intelligent Data Platform that ensures data is trusted, secure, governed, accessible, timely, relevant and actionable.


For over 17 years Integrationworx has helped hundreds of businesses with their data governance. Download Informatica's white paper "Recommendations on how to Tackle the 'D' in GDPR"!


Need help with your transition to a GDPR Compliant Enterprise?

GDPR White Paper

Designed to inform IT execs and professionals, “Recommendations on How to Tackle the 'D' in GDPR” provides insights and solutions that will help you define and implement an effective GDPR strategy.

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