• The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the use and application of data warehousing modeling technique commonly known as “dimensional modeling”. Using a combination of theory and practice, the goal is to first understand the conventions, approaches, and techniques then, if possible, apply them to actual data and requirements from your own workplace. This course is taught without the use of a modeling tool but can be tailored to include one for additional cost.
    21 h   |   $800 per student, min 8 students, max 15 students   |    Outline
  • The principles of designing extract transform and load (ETL) routines are independent of the tool or language being used for implementation. This tool/platform independent workshop covers techniques and approaches to design and understand core/common design patterns which can be applied to a variety of different ETL scenarios.
    7 h   |   $200 per student, min 8 students, max 12 students
  • This course prepares students for learning modeling techniques by introducing foundational concepts that underpin all modern modeling techniques and notations. The fundamentals of working with Sparx EA are also introduced along with core understanding of stereotypes, UML profiles, frequently used UML relationships and modeling objects, traceability, and model management principles. This course can be extended and tailored for additional costs to 28 hours to include additional modeling topics and Sparx EA skills.
    21 h   |   $900 per student, min 8 students, max 15 students ($1,400 per student when extended to 5 days)   |    Outline
  • This workshop series can be tailored to focus on applied modeling techniques required/needed within the methods and practices of your organization. An applied and practical focus is taken to using UML in a variety of project situations.
    3 to 4hr workshops, a la carte   |   variable pricing based on tailored workshops
  • This course introduces students to foundational concepts of relational database modeling using a model-driven approach. The course provides an introduction to Sparx EA basic skills and focuses on conceptual, logical, and physical data modeling for relational database design.
    21 h   |   $900 per student, min 8 students, max 15 students   |    Outline
  • This workshop establishes foundational tool and modeling skills that are essential for working in various modeling languages using Sparx EA. The course includes some essential skills in UML and builds introductory hands-on skill with Sparx's core features.
    12 h   |   $475, min 8 students   |    Outline
  • This 36 hour course is made up of three modules designed to introduce modelling techniques, Sparx EA, and Archimate to IT professionals that have introductory-level experience with modeling techniques and want to readily use/apply Archimate with Sparx EA to their work. The course starts by building a core set of foundation skills in UML and Sparx EA before formally introducing and exploring the Archimate language. The course is arranged in three distinct modules to allow easy customization.
    36 h   |   $1,400 per student, min 8 students, max 15 students   |    Outline